A Real Genuine First

8 Mar

There are so many first we missed, and yes, there are always firsts no matter what age a child joins the family, but your mind can’t help but think of the ones you missed sometimes.

TODAY, however, we got one! A first! And it was amazing normal, if that makes sense.

It started last night.  When I was tucking Cora into bed, I was laying next to her ready to read.  She crawled in, I pulled up the covers and my hand slipped off the blanket and bonked her in the month.  I laughed, she laughed, I brought her in for a hug and she said, “But I think my tooth hurts!”

You know how it is when your kid’s tooth is wiggly, gets bumped and blood gets mixed with saliva and they think they’re dying.

Yep. That’s what happened.

No one was allowed to touch or even look at the tooth.  She said she forgave me, stuffed her mouth with kleenex and instantly fell asleep. (And I instantly went and pulled them out of her mouth as soon as she started breathing heavily.)  I knew it was going to fall out in a day or two.

Well, today it was!  Sadly it was at the very end of the school day, so I didn’t actually get to experience it, but girl was SO excited after school to tell me all about it.  She was proud and excited and giddy with her braveness of pulling out her own tooth.  It was great to see!

So tonight, her cries turned to excitement, confusion and questions as we got ready for the tooth fairy.

Miles was right there to share the tooth pillow, to explain that she didn’t need to be scared and to get her all pumped up.

(Check out Cora in *her* bed. It took 10 months, bye golly, but she’s there! And she sleeps all night! And yes, having two big brothers means having a Diego and John Deer pillow case when your Hello Kitty one is in the laundry. Such is life.)
tooth2The pillow had to go on her nightstand and a pillow pet had to be propped up to block her view of any tooth fairy coming her way.
But I’m sure she’ll happily take the money that goes along with it.


Here’s a little bit of Cora’s sweetness answering questions about the “loose tooth man”.


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