Goodbye Stella – Weekend in Chicago

28 Jan

All good things must come to an end and this weekend was our last weekend with Stella.  We spent it in Chicago and had so much fun, but it went so very fast.

We of course had to take her out for Chicago pizza. Twice.
And we did the planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum.

And the Willis Tower (Sears) where you can go out on the 103rd floor and step off and look straight down.
Stella in Stella-style hopped out there, handed someone her Ipad and asked them to take a picture as she did the splits.
Such a small personality.
byestella16I’d post more of those pictures, but then I wouldn’t have room for these.

Stella bought 18 pair of glasses while she was in the US.
18 pair.
She struck the goldmine at the Icing and Claires.  She bought a pair for all of her family.
But first, we needed to sample them. Cora was thrilled.

But she got into it rather quickly. 😉


Does Cora not crack you UP in this next picture?
I’ll give you one guess who taught her that pose.

Ahem.  Stella.


And then, we went to sleep for the last time.

It was time for goodbyes.

byestella5byestella4 byestella3byestella2byestella1

She really became a part of our family when she was here and we all fell in love with her.

She is a BIG personality girl.

And although she said she’s going to beg her parents to come back in the summer, we still feel her absence today as we noted how quiet it was.  (And we noted how great we slept all night long without a night-owl in the house. 😉 )

We love you Stella!
Thank you for blessing us with your visit!



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