Stella {And Having 4 Children}

17 Jan

Our sweet Stella, joining us for 5 weeks from Korea, has already been here for 27 days. She flies home in 9 days. Time has flown by!  If you ever get the chance to host a student short-term, I highly recommend it.

When she first arrived, she was, of course, a stranger in our home. Very quickly, however, she became family.

4kidsWe have watched her bravely go out into the world and make friends, go shopping, do homework, eat new foods….in fact, this was a post I put on facebook recently…

Host mom brag! I am so proud of our visitor Stella. She left her family and came to a country half-way around the world. She immersed herself in a new language, joined a school with a sea of new faces of students and teachers who speak *really* fast – and though hard, I’m sure, she’s trying hard and doing an awesome job! Social rules are different, school expectations are different, subjects are different, food is different, popstars and “in things” are different, style is different, schedules are different…She’s trying hard to form new friends even when it’s scary and I’m sure she’d just like to hang out with her bff’s at home…And did I mention she’s only 13? Stella, you are brave and strong and *really* amazing and we’re blessed to know you and have you in our family for 5 weeks. Keep doing what you’re doing. We love you! Love Emo and Emo-Boo. ♥

Not everything has been easy for her, as you can imagine being 13 and dropped into a country (and a school!) that is so different from your own in many ways, but this girl has rocked it. I won’t lie, sometimes when she shares some of her experiences, we think “Really!?” but she has taken these moments and found positive it in each and every time.
And we couldn’t be more proud of her.


And soon we will have to say goodbye.
(Though, she’s already making plans to come again…)
And to be quite honest, it’s going to be hard!
Let us not forget that only 9 months ago, we went from a family of 4 to a family of 5.  There is a lot of differences in the life of a family of 4 vs. a family of 5.  It’s quite funny, actually!  One of our first times we took Cora out to eat, the hostess said, “We’ll have a table for a larger family ready in a second.”

Large family? Us?

Since then I’ve realized that life is made for families of 4. Or at least families with even numbers. Cars, food packages, tables at restaurants, amusement park rides, etc…
We’re still getting used to that as we didn’t start #5 with a baby to ease in, but we’re doing good, I’d say. 🙂

Then, at only 8 months in add a 4th child! And not a child — a teenager.  And not just a teenager, but a teenage *girl*. Ohhhh the drama! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


HA HA HA! Sorry Stella, this “screams” your personality!
Meek you are not.
And I love you for it!

A family of 6 is sooooooo much more than that family of 4 we were just 9 months ago! ha! Do you know how much laundry a family of 6 has? And you have to make double batches of food. Milk? Juice? Snacks – poof! Gone! Morning lunches, too!  Breakfast on the run because a teenage girl needs more time to get ready than my current oldest 11-year-old boy.  So much to learn and now we’re in a good spot and we have to send you home.  Lucky mama you have!

You’ve busted our butts with pronounciation…and Dave will never forget how to say “be quiet” in his life thanks to you.

And you’ve loved on our kids, even when they were typical younger siblings…make that Dongsangs.
You taught us things we wouldn’t know without you about Cora’s heritage and you gave us a beautiful piece to keep forever.DSC00022

Sure, we’ve all had to adjust a little bit with a new child in the house, but all-in-all I can say it’s been pretty seamless! She had to get used to a normal bedtime (no midnight or 1am here, my friend! We SLEEP in America! (Or at least in my house!)) and quiet evenings when the littles go to sleep. She’s had to get used to school and new friends and social differences which haven’t always been easy, but to have her confidence to leave all she knows at age 13 to just go for it impresses me so much.  She even went away for a church weekend with kids she didn’t even know and came home so happy and full of memories.

So now we enjoy our final days before you must go home.  But your mom gets to share a piece of you with me forever.  You will always have a Migook family waiting for you to come again.  You will always have an Emo and Emo-boo to talk to if you need a listening ear and we will never judge you.  And you will always have three kiddos who will always look to you as the visiting older sister they had once upon a time.  (And hopefully more than just once….)  We respect you and your country and your love of your country and hope that one day we can visit you in your home to tell your parents just how much joy you brought to our family with your visit.

And can I just say, 3 kids doesn’t seem like many any more. 😉
And 4 totally seems doable.
Don’t worry Dave, I’m not getting any big ideas just yet.


2 Responses to “Stella {And Having 4 Children}”

  1. Wendi January 17, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

    Ahhhhhh…… Yet!!!!!

  2. Michelle Lim January 18, 2013 at 12:07 pm #

    What you’re doing is wonderful! I’m so happy for your family & Stella as well 🙂

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