Remember our Korean tour guide, Stella?

21 Dec

She’s coming to our house tomorrow.


(Here’s a past about our meeting in Seoul.)

About a month ago, I got a message that she wanted to come to America to go to an English immersion camp because although her english is amazing, she feels it’s getting worse.  She thought that staying in a family would be a better way to be immersed. Can I come stay at your house?

Our answer: Absolutely yes!

But there is a lot to consider when a 13 year old is coming to stay with you for 5 weeks.  What about school? Could she join in?  What would we do? Where would she sleep? How would the kids feel about it?  But after very easy conversations, everyone was a go!  We even have an amazing family friend who is 13 who we hooked Stella up with on facebook and they already are fast friends.

The hardest part was getting the school to agree that she could shadow this friend for 3 weeks in school so she could be truly immersed with kids her own age, learning what school in America is like.  (Nothing like the 7am-5pm school she attends with “academy” after for 3-5 MORE hours!)

After a lot of work, the school agreed, but unfortunately, we were caught in a blizzard and the last two days of school before winter break were canceled so we don’t know the finality of her placement, so we’re just going to show up on the first day after break and assume she’s good to go. 🙂  We also are sending her away for a weekend with our church’s youth group. (With said 13-year-old.)

We are so excited! We asked her to speak in hangul LOTS for Cora and Logan is certain she’s going to be his new best friend. And Miles wants her to go to his class and show off her beautiful Hanbok and wonders if he can call her noona. (big sister) 🙂

Cora sleeps in Miles’ bottom bunk, so her room is wide open, waiting for her and we are stocked up on Korean food, though we’re going to make lots of American food staples so she can truly be immersed.  We’re excited to take her to church and also Korean church so she can meet some Korean teens that live in America.  We’re excited to have her here for Christmas and Christmas break.  We’re excited to bring her to our families gatherings, too!

4 kids in the house! A good peak to see if we’d ever be prepared for another. 😉  The only thing I’m thinking about is bedtime.  We’re a “kids must go to bed at a good time so that Dave and I have time to connect after the end of the day. Or just watch TV in silence.” What time DO 13-year-olds go to bed? From skype sessions at 1am to her, I’m assuming a LOT later than Dave and my 10:30. 😉

So today we finish getting ready, cleaning out a  bit of Cora’s closet and drawers so she has room for her stuff, fill up her bookshelf with some of Logan’s books for this avid reader and make a meal plan of foods she must have while here. (What would you make?)

{All while preparing for (Cora’s first) Christmas when the last two days before break where closed due to a blizzard, shopping still to do, no wrapped presents and cookies to bake.  Just a regular day in our house!}


2 Responses to “Remember our Korean tour guide, Stella?”

  1. Sarah Kim December 23, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    Sounds fabulous. What a ministry your family is continuing in the name of loving one another. Please keep us updated on your experiences.

  2. Jenn Galstad December 23, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

    You have such a big heart, Jen. I am so speechless. Stella will never forget your heart of gold.

    and this is a totally unrelated to the topic, but I think Cora’s birtjust is the same as my youngest daughter Sujin . April 13th, right? 🙂

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