14 Nov

We had parent teacher conferences this week and Cora’s teacher said, “How’s life with three kids?” as I shooed them off to play while we talked.  “MUCH busier than with two!” I said.

OH, is it true.  (Wendi, my hero-friend with six kids, don’t laugh at me.)

Having three kids in elementary school is a lot of work.  Homework, after-school clubs, sports, language school.   We’re full these days.

So that is why it my Halloween post was 7 days late and my Logan’s 11th birthday post was 7 days late.  But, I have a fun post coming up next – English 2.0.  We’re still laughing all the time in this house with our little language learner.  I promise it will come before 7 days. 😉

Logan tured 11 last week. And this was a celebration for me, too, cause it was my 11-year mom-aversary.  The birth of this kiddo changed my life forever.

He thinks he’s so cool because his feet are much bigger than mine now.

Ah, but he has a little bit to go before he can claim taller.

More proof.

We started the celebration with a party with some of his close friends at an arcade/bowling alley.

And the next day we went to celebrate with my parents. If you know my dad, this picture sequence will come as no surprise.

“Logan, come take the first bite of the cake!”

(I love Miles’ face in this one!)

Then on his actual birthday, we celebrated with a special birthday donut before school…

opened presents after school…
Had dinner with more grandparents…

And ate *more* cake and icecream, of course.

A total sugar-filled week.

To say that I love this boy more than life itself would be an understatement.


4 Responses to “Eleven”

  1. Wendi November 14, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    Hahhhaha this hero friend of yours is 11 days late on Mia’s birthday blog!
    Happy birthday Logan!!:):)

  2. Hyosun Ro November 16, 2012 at 2:15 am #

    Happy belated birthday, Logan! Happy 11th mom-aversary, Jen! That’s actually very cute. I think I’m going to start celebrating it as well – next year when my son turns 27.

  3. DP November 17, 2012 at 10:27 pm #

    it’s awesome that Cora has such an amazing brother and a great family! I also find it interesting that it takes a while for children to adapt to a different language even though they’re immersed in it 24/7. When I stayed in the US for 7 months and went back to Korea, my mom said my Korean had a funny accent. For me it’s a lot easier to forget languages if I don’t speak it. I’m glad you’re using Korean churches to keep Cora connected with her Korean (and plus being bilingual, even if you’re not completely fluent in one of them, is awesome and so much useful for learning other languages and cultures). Can’t wait to see the next blog post about Cora.

    • DP November 17, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

      and Happy Birthday Logan!

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