Our Top 5

1 Oct

If you’ve adopted, you’ll totally get this.  If you haven’t, let me introduce you to the “safe place” places that you learn about almost immediately after coming home.  What are your safe places? Places you go to frequently that your child gets familiar with right away.  The places that after a few visits seem normal.  There are no major surprises and going there is easy and without a million questions and begging to be held in order to feel safe.

When you come home with your child, you must keep the amount of these safe places to a minimum to really truly make them safe.  If you do anything like what we did, they literally become your “out”, so to speak.

Our safe places?

  • Church
  • Korean Church
  • School
  • Target. Ahem.
  • Children’s hospital

And what a blessing these 5 places are.  I wish #5 wasn’t in the mix, but it is.  Cora has had on average, one appointment at the hospital a week.  Since we know that her body is unable to block cancerous growths, there are many things we have needed to check and will need to continue to check in her body.  So far it’s been very intensive and a constant “ugh” in our life as we are trying to figure out the best treatment for her, but my prayer is that they figure it out and it is successful in treating her cancer.

Since her laser treatment, we’ve been treating with topical chemotherapy and have seen little improvement.  Looking to connect with specialists in major hospitals for guidance.  We meet with the surgeon who will take off a tumor in Cora’s eyelashes next week with surgery forthcoming soon after.  So many cancerous tumors, I feel like we’re a snail running a marathon. Have we even started making a dent yet? I don’t know. I sure doesn’t feel like it.

Speaking of treatments – trying to decide if we are going to try a support group for kids with cancer in my town.  Our world is so medically intensive right now, but it is nothing like the family who is praying their child SURVIVES treatment.  I’m feeling unsure if we would fit in or should even try to fit in.  Yet, we’re swimming out here in the ocean alone and a little support would be nice. Deciding.

So those are our 5 places.  Church (Kid’s church for Cora these days! Whoot!)  Korean church (where we go 2/week.  We take language lessons and let Cora attend the children’s service in Hangul.)  School – Cora’s rocking it.  She is amazing.  Target – Need I say more? No, no I do not. 😉  And the hospital. It’s a good thing it’s so fun to go there! 🙂

What are your safe places?


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