One Week Down

8 Sep

So, my Mr. 5th grade in his big shoes went off as one of the rulers of the school as top class.

And my 2nd grader who all of a sudden looks more “big” than “little” rocked it in his orange shoe laces.

And my teeny tiny little miss whose backpack weighs more than she does when packed with a lunch looked as sweet as can be on her very first day.

All three in one school for one year.

The first week was full of new friends, confident kids, happy smiles and super-easy-to-put-to-bed kiddos.
Only a few tears from me and a genuine feeling of peace as the 2nd and 3rd day approached.

Cora has a BFF already named Cecelia who took her under her wing and leads her around like a puppy helping her get up on the equipment, carrying her heavy bag and buttoning up her sweatshirt for her. Thank you, Jesus!

There were a couple of these cute notes in Cora’s classroom that Cora’s teacher put up to help her not forget.
Sweet, sweet.

She sings, she raises her hand, she follows directions and she is thriving! The only thing she is not doing is eating. At all. Nada, nothing.  She says she doesn’t know how to do lunch at school and I can see how it could be rather overwhelming for her.  We’re working on it and might even try a few days of hot lunch so she can be handed a platter of food that is ready to just eat.

Miles is learning about bats and is super excited about the dead one he has in his classroom.  He’s my easy social kid who just clicks with everyone. Boys, girls, teachers…he’s a recess-loving, let’s run hard, climb high, jump far and come in sweating kind of kid.

Logan has a great class this year and so far seems to be enjoying 5th grade. Rumor has it the 5th graders get seconds for hot lunch sometimes.  Someone is a *tad* bet excited about that fact. He may or may not have told me that the school lunch has better food than I do. Specifically mashed potatoes.  I tried telling him that his came from a BOX and mine came from a POTATO, but he’s not caring at all.
Future man.

So, yep! My stress was typical Jen.  I should try to just “try out” not stressing some time.  It might be a fun exercise. I’d probably fail miserably, huh? 😉





One Response to “One Week Down”

  1. Alison September 9, 2012 at 5:09 am #

    Hard to believe we have 5th graders!!!

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