Cheese, Mom!

9 Jul

You don’t realize how many different words we have in English for the same word.  The other day, Cora said my name, waiting for me to respond. I was right next to her and so I simply just looked at her.  She said, “say huh, mom”.  😉  This led into a dissection of all of the words that could mean yes.  huh, hmm, yes, what, etc…but her favorite, she said, was “huh”.

Cora is talking in 100% English. Not everyone can understand her, but I 99.9% of the time can.  Her sentences are still missing words (mostly “go to” “have” “eat”) so they sound a little bit like this.  “Mom can I mint gum?”  “Logan, can you computer?”  “Mom will we bike ride?’ or sometimes they are in a strange order like “Can I Grandma call?” etc…but she’s doing amazing! And we’re so proud!

That said, we can’t help but bust out laughing (with! Not at!) some of what she thinks is correct English. Especially when she uses it with such emotion.  That’s the thing about having an English learner in your midst. You learn just what you say all of the time. Some, good, like “Thank you very much” and some, not so good, like “Darnit!” Oops!

We are apparently a “geez!” family.  Cora, of course, doesn’t understand that word and assumes we are saying CHEESE!  She’ll be doing something and get so frustrated when it doesn’t work her way and all of a sudden we’ll here, with GREAT emotion, “CHEESE! CHEESE, MOM! UGH! CHEESE!”  And it is just SO SO funny, our giggles usually disperse the situation immediately.

Love my girl!


One Response to “Cheese, Mom!”

  1. stephanie July 9, 2012 at 5:24 pm #

    You’re so good at celebrating every step of growth and change along the way. Cora will LOVE to read all about herself when she grows up!
    The “Oh, Cheese!” thing is about the cutest thing ever.

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