These are a few of my favorite things

23 Jun

Shhh! Do you hear that? It’s SILENCE! Dave and the kids went to VBS at the Korean church today leaving me with an entire day of silence. I have almost finished up my writing requirements for June (2 articles left) and I took a little nap. A nap people! I still have 2 hours left, so I *suppose* I’ll do a little housework. Maybe. Or maybe take another nap. 😉  So because it is quiet, I am taking the time to post about my 3 favorite things…

To Logan, my sweet, sweet, first born. You.are.amazing.

It has to be so hard having to be *little* all the time with your little brother and sister. Oh how I know how hard you work. And I know how much credit I probably don’t give you, but you never complain, you never get angry and you’re almost always patient. And it’s so fun to see you doing things just for you.
I was a big. I get how much of a bummer it is to get a little freedom only if you take the little with you.  The littles can be a pain in the butt, but you don’t complain. You take the little to the park and you always follow directions and I can trust you completely.

And you tell me things like “I’d trade places with you in a second” when your sister is struggling because you are so intuitive.
There is no way you can ever know how much love I have for you, my son.

To Miles.  You, too, are simply amazing. In a whole different way.
You are goofy and silly and you were SO SO hard in everything you do.  You run fast, you climb hard and you hit the baseball with all of your might. You are a future “man’s man”.  If there is a job in the garage or in the yard that needs to be done, you are the first one out to offer your strength.  You don’t let a little exhaustion get in your way.  What’s a little sweat or dirt to you? Nothing! You work until the job is done and you are so easy to be proud of.

You give to Cora what she needs. You don’t run your hardest when she’s with you. You cheer her on and you hold her hand and you show her true genuine love.

And me. You give ME true genuine love.  I said today that I was so excited that I could do a cart-wheel, but that I didn’t know how and you said, “Mom, I’ll do one for you!” Cause we’re buddies! I feel your emotions and you feel mine.  Your cup runneth over with emotions, as does mine.  I get you!
And ooooooh how I love you!

And dear sweet Cora with your amazing eyes that I love so much…

You have overcome so much in your short 5 years. So much. Do you know how much I wish I could have held your hand, kissed your ouchies, tucked you in, sang to, hugged and loved and watched you grow in your first 5 years?

We missed so much. YOU missed so much.  We are only getting to really deeply know each other and it will take a long time for you to realize that I am forever.

But I am.

And I get to watch you grow and give you hugs and hold your hand a love you now. I get to sing you songs and bake you treats and teach you how to speak a new language. I get to cheer you on and love you with all of my heart forever. And ever. Even though that doesn’t  make sense to you yet.

Yesterday I asked you what color your hair was and you said green. I asked what color my hair was and you said green.  Then you said, “Mom, Cora, same same.”
Yes, my sweet girl, we are the same same. No matter what we missed, we have forever.

If I were not a mom, I have no idea where my joy would come from.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
    before you were born I set you apart. – Jeremiah 1:5a

Thank you, Jesus, for setting them apart for me.


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