Korean Church = Awesome Morning

3 Jun

We have wanted to go to one of the Korean churches in our city for a few weeks and today was the day. We had been there once before for one of the families through Korean adoption meetings, but we didn’t really meet any members that day.  What a GREAT day it was.

Service was at 9:30, and we wanted to get there early to make some connections.  When we got there at 9:10, we were immediately greeted at the door with a big welcome.  But, we were told that there was only one children’s service and it was at 11:00.  The drive was a good half hour, so we had to just hang out at the closed mall for 1.5 hrs.  (That was fun, I tell you. 😉 )

When we arrived at service, Cora was very shy and wouldn’t acknowledge anyone speaking in Hangul to her. She wanted to just hide in our arms.  The boys on the other hand were ready to go! 🙂

We started kids service in a room with about 15 kids and sang some hymns and prayed and did a few little dance moves. Cora started in my arms, but ended sitting by herself, even grabbing a little girl’s hand at one point. Then we broke into small groups, Logan in one, Miles in another and Cora in another.  Dave and I went with Cora and she started out as shy and quiet as ever, but sitting in her class.  The entire class was in Hangul! It was great!

She listened to a story and we loved seeing her obviously understanding and following directions.  About half way through the story, we saw her start to relax and truly enjoy herself.  She kept peeking at us at the end of the table with a “I’m so cool” look on her face. 🙂

They had her favorite snack of chocopies which she took her sweet little time munching down.  All of the other kids were half way done with their projects by the time she started hers. 😉

But soon she was cutting, gluing and coloring.

We were SO welcomed this morning.  So many people sharing their contact info and offering playdates with their children. Most of the people we met grew up in Korea and moved here anywhere from 5+ years ago. They were so great in welcoming us in their community and we are so hopeful that we can start relationships.  We have an awesome church already, but we are thinking of going 50% to each church or even doing our regular church and then one adult taking Cora to kids church here. It will be so helpful in keeping her language.

After church, we were shuffled into a room where Cora promptly said, “I’m HUNGRY!!” and boy was she. Look Mom! GOOD FOOD!

A yummy meal of bi-bim-bop. See who’s not eating? 😉 Go figure.

We left for church at 8:30 and didn’t return home until 2:00, so it was a LONG morning of church, but we left feeling more connected to a portion of the Korean-American population in our area and hope that we can continue to make connections.

By the time we left, Cora was in her element and while she wasn’t speaking much Hangul back, she was very much immersed in the language again and was high-fiving and running around and making friends.

Great day!


2 Responses to “Korean Church = Awesome Morning”

  1. Wendi June 4, 2012 at 11:17 am #

    I love this!! What an incredible opportunity!!!!! Wow!

    I love how tiny she is in her chair!!! My girls have tried chocopies but I must get them some!:)

  2. christina g June 7, 2012 at 4:11 am #

    AWESOME!!!! GLad u all enjoyed yourself there.

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