New Things!

18 May

We’ve had such the pleasure watching Cora experience new things in her life. Some are hilarious!

I know I push this button, right?

It’s so hard! Help!

Oh my GOSH! Water comes out! And hits me in the FACE!

Apparently there aren’t many water fountains in Seoul.  The first time she wanted a drink at church I took her to the fountain and she was so confused. Once she saw what I wanted her to do, she wasn’t thirsty anymore. 😉
NOW though, it’s just good fun.

As for food….
This is what she’d prefer I make every.single.meal. (simple tuna, rice, garlic, sesame + soy sauce. Yum!)

BUT, she’s slowly opening up to the idea of new things. And she’s grabbing her pink spoon and sometimes fork over her chopsticks. (The the fork still confuses her to no end.)
Food choices are getting better so much so that we went out to a real restaurant on Mothers Day.
(Is it sad that l am at the point of calling Red Robin a “real” restaurant. Is it even more sad that we went here for Mother’s Day?)
And even though she’d hang out in this for hours a day…(and honestly, I love it! She snuggles in, we hold hands over my shoulders and just walk. Sometimes around blocks, sometimes around the kitchen. Doesn’t matter. Terrible picture of me…look at her!)

She quickly realized how fun 2 wheels are. Or four if you count the training wheels.

Seriously? Dying from the cuteness. THIS is my daughter, people! Ahhh!!

But as great as the outside is, what is NOT fun to Cora is grass and bare feet.
I do not believe that Cora has ever gone in the grass without socks before. It’s “ouchie” and she will stand there frozen like a statue until I either A: pick her up or B: get her shimbals. (shoes.)

But when we carry her to her outside destination, such as the bounce house, she’s happy!

She sure looks like she’s eating Pepero before, huh?

But the BIGGEST thing that changed last night was her sleeping arrangements. She decided that it was time to sleep in her own room.

I won’t lie! I’m not ready for this! I’m afraid it’s too soon, I’m afraid she’s going to wake up and be scared and cry her silent cry that I can not hear and she’ll be crying alone, afraid of the dark. NOT ready.

So, we did a trail run at naptime yesterday. She slept in her bed and I “slept” in the mattress on the floor.

Yep. She’s a thumb sucker when she sleeps.

And she did great! So last night, I tucked her in, showed her how the monitor will let me hear he when she needs me, kissed her and Miles (my rock star son who is following her around from room to room to help her adjust…he needs to be rewarded!) and freaked out.

Hardly slept a wink. Put my head to the monitor and arranged my pillow so that BOTH ears would be open. I’m a little crazy like that.  Dave just went to sleep happily while my heart raced.  I checked on them probably 10 times.  I woke myself up, felt angry that I was sleeping soundly and stared at the clock for hours. If she was going to wake up and whisper my name, I needed to hear it!

But she didn’t.

Not once. (that I know of.)

So today, she’s there again.  And my mind and body are so tired that I’m praying I can sleep tonight.

That’s the hard thing about this for me…following her lead. She said she was ready to go to that awesome room we prepared for her so I had to hide my fear and let her go! Just like on night 10 when she decided that she didn’t want to sleep IN my bed anymore, but next to it would be just fine.

10 nights in my bed and 20 nights on her mattress on the floor and off to her room. It hardly seems fair. 😉 I wanted to go wake her up and drag her mattress back and keep her there for another month or so.

But our goal here is obviously her feeling comfortable so I say we are headed in the right direction.


2 Responses to “New Things!”

  1. Wendi May 18, 2012 at 3:09 am #

    Wow!!! So many things I want to say here….

    Okay the cuteness in YOUR daughter is
    Out of this world cuteness!!! She is a doll baby!!!

    Second the water fountain is a hoot…

    And I am following you following Cora’s lead so that I can follow Avahs lead when we get home….

    And I love a sweet little brother… He deserves a prize!!:) maybe another baby sister… Haha just kidding Dave!!!

    And we ate at Red Robin for mothers day too!!:):)

  2. grammom May 18, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    Cora is getting stronger and more confident every day/night. I believe the boys will sleep better every night too. So cute with the bubbler. 🙂

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