16 May

Last June, we said YES to Cora! Yes in all the “official ways” and our acceptance was sent to Korea and we waited.  Last July, Wendi said YES to Avah, but only in the “verbal way”.  Yes just the same, but you see, her Mia had just come home and even though her family was eager and committed to bringing home Avah, the agencies would not allow her to officially send her acceptance for a long, long time. Boo hoo. 😦  But Avah was “matched” to her family and she sat, falling in love with her. She watched her go from 3 to 4 and now to 4 1/2 years old.  Avah lived with Cora and Sarah at the orphanage for years!

She planned and she planned and she planned for Avah. She kept me sane! She’s a homeschooling mom of now 6 and she became such a great friend of mine! We’d talk on the phone, text and talk on FB with her, Grace and I about our children coming home.  It’s been a long time since her heart said yes to Avah. She watched us go and cheered us on and is still waiting for Avah.  I know that couldn’t have been easy, but she never showed it. Not once.

Her acceptance paperwork went off months ago and today, she found out that the US could see her photo in the system when she called to check on her Visa Interview.  GREAT NEWS!  We knew her travel call could be any time, so I joked that I should put on my highschool cheerleading uniform and cheer her home. But then decided that Cora looked so much cuter in a cheerleading uniform. 😉

We cheered Korea to “Let Avah Come Home!!”

And guess what?  She got her TRAVEL CALL right after!


We love you, Avah!

Love, your Emo Jen (Auntie) and Cousin Cora

P.S. Here’s her blog if you want to follow!


One Response to “AVAH’S Coming HOME!”

  1. Amy Phillis May 16, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

    I do not know you but I am a friend of Wendi’s too. I must say that this is the cutest blog post I’ve ever seen! Korea heard little cheerleader Cora’s cheer and said “We must call them now!” Love it!

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