English/Korean Lessons

7 May

We are a Korean/American fusion family these days.  Tacos can be tacos for the majority of us and quickly turned into bee-bim-bap for another sweet miss. Cinnamon roll treat for Sat morning breakfast for most of us and steamed eggs with fish sauce and seaweed for another sweet miss. (Bleh!)  We say things like, “Close your noons!” when we pour water over our heads at bath time to make sure we don’t get soap in our eyes.  We all go “shee-shee” instead of potty. Hugo’s food has turned into “Hugo bap” and our sandbox is officially known as the “molisecky”.

The boys are doing AMAZING! I think I’m going teach them hangul right now to help keep it in the family.  Tonight before bed we were writing on the dry eraser board which has taken over my livingroom.  We were writing Cora’s Korean name and I was teaching her how to write Cora in English and Hangul.  She called Miles over to practice with her.

She was so sweet when she told him that he was making his “J’s” wrong.  Their relationship and conversation skills bring me to tears on a daily level.  This sweet girl who speaks Korean was able to tell this sweet boy who does not that his line was just a little too short all without speaking a word of language they both understand.  God is so good.

At the end, Miles made a perfect copy of Cora’s Korean name, minus the square, which, if you’re curious, is the “M” sound in Hangul.

I love these kids!


One Response to “English/Korean Lessons”

  1. Wendi May 7, 2012 at 2:49 am #

    Love that!!!! Such sweet bonding happening at your house!!:):)

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