Appa, Appa: How Much Do I Love Thee?

26 Apr

If you would have asked me a week ago, I would have said not much “feeling the love” going on in Appa’s world.  After a day or two, Cora decided enough was enough and she didn’t need Appa period.  Nothing Dave did was appreciated and no feelings he had for her could be shown.  She would outright say she didn’t like him, she would purposely share everything with everyone BUT Appa and she shunned him from every part of her life.

It was hard to watch! The boys repeatedly said they felt bad for Dave but he told them not to worry about it! He understood! He’d be leery of him if he were her, too! And he kept showing her that he loved her by quietly sitting on the sides, slowly trying to help/share/love, and not being sad when she said no. (And boy, can she say no!)

I’m not sure if he really felt heartbroken on the inside because he was and is so stoic that he didn’t share that with me, but I’d have to think that of course he was.  You’re trained to see that one parent almost always is picked and the other shunned.  We thought maybe HE’D be the one picked because she already had umma’s in her life, but it was almost immediate that I was picked and he was dismissed.

But persistence is key and slowly Dave was allowed glimpses into her love.  Some had to be sneaked in, like doing her hair while she was distracted…

of helping with a project that mom just couldn’t do! Celebrations of tiny corners of bottoms sitting on the farthest part of the leg possible were made!

Even when the leg was too much, we celebrated closeness!

And all of a sudden, Appa wasn’t TERRIBLE anymore.  He was actually OK if there wasn’t too much thought into it!

With mom around, Appa was able to start doing a bit more with Cora. Key words: with Mom around.

Are you there, mom?!

She's CRAZY in the water!

And then, last night, there seemed to be the biggest development yet! Appa was able to dry her after her bath, put lotion on her body (as long as she could “do it herself, too!!”, get her dressed, carry her downstairs, get her ice cream, chapstick shared on his lips and a great big smoocher for Appa. ALL on her own w/o me asking. And at bedtime, APPA got to read her a story while Mom read to Miles.

Today was still a little cold, but there is definitely love cooking in the pot and it seems like Cora is ready to start receiving that love from her Appa. This sweet little girl who hasn’t had a father since birth just doesn’t know what it’s like to be a daddy’s girl! Big props to Dave for hanging in there and continuing to hang in there with not much in return.  The riches will be too many to count!

Mark 9:36–37
Then he put a little child among them. Taking the child in his arms, he said to them, “Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes not only me but also my Father who sent me.”


3 Responses to “Appa, Appa: How Much Do I Love Thee?”

  1. Stacey Stevens April 26, 2012 at 10:37 pm #

    Oh this made me cry. How sweet. It took Autumn about 2 months until she loved and needed Daddy; it was very hard. It’s been Autumn and her “best buddy Daddy” ever since that light bulb moment though 🙂

  2. stephanie April 27, 2012 at 2:41 am #

    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those pictures are just priceless. You have the best seat in the house to watch their relationship blossom.

  3. danielfamily76 April 27, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    How precious! I unexpectantly dropped a few tears on this one! Praying their relationship continues to develop! : ) So glad it seems you guys are doing well!

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