The sickness that keeps on coming…

25 Apr

We have been having  a rough week/weekend.  The boys and Dave have picked up some weird thing that is just lingering on and on and on…It started with Miles.  Sat he fell at the pool with a friend and we though on Sunday, when he woke up with horrible chest pain on his right side that he fell on his ribcage.  We took him to the Dr Sun morning, and he thought he had bruised his ribs.  Came home from the dr and 2 hrs later he was feverish and lethargic on the couch.  Mon morning he woke up happy and ready to go to school, but his chest still hurt a big.

About 10:30 Mon, the nurse called and LOGAN was in the nurses office with horrible chest pain and a fever! Took him to the dr (he has asthma, so we can’t be too careful) and they did a chest xray, which was clear, but was diagnosed with bronchitis + asthma flare-up.  steroids for the asthma, antibiotic for the bronchitis and home we went with the nurse saying no school on Tuesday.

On the way home from the Dr, the nurse called and said Miles was in her office complaining of chest pain! What the heck? Picked him up but he was really just fine when we got home.

Tuesday, Miles went back, but Logan had to stay home because of the 24-hr past fever rule.  He was pepping up so much after 2 doses of meds that we just had a GREAT day with him at home yesterday.  Cora loved having big brother home and we played all day long.

At 2:15, the phone rang and it was again our school’s nurse.  Miles has a low-grade fever and chest pain.  Sadly, Dave’s car is in the shop and he was at a meeting with mine, so I couldn’t go get him.  School only had 45 min left, so she let him nap and he took the bus home.  But the time he got off the bus, he was a mess. 😦  High fever, horrible chest pain and so lethargic.  He actually had to ride in Cora’s stroller home and she carried his coat and backpack…on her own…wouldn’t let me do it.  Typical Cora.

Dave took him in and they did a chest xray: negative, strep test: negative, ears were clear…nothing visible but a fever.  And no antibiotic.  I had hoped they would give him one because I saw how quickly Logan improved!  He’s home today much worse that Logan was yesterday. But dare I say that I’m loving having him home, even if it means he’s just sleeping and watching TV?  Cora feels so much safer with them home. And she can nap with him at naptime.  Score!

I hate that they have missed so much more school than our initial 8 days, but what can you do? Obviously something is going on and I pray that Logan just got better randomly and not because of the antibiotics because if that’s the case, Miles is in for some more days before we go back in.

Dave woke up today with horrible chest pain like a band around his lungs, so it’s obviously something.  Cora and I are healthy as can be, so let’s all just pray we stay that way!


6 Responses to “The sickness that keeps on coming…”

  1. Michelle April 25, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

    ugh! I’m so sorry all your boys are not feeling well. That’s a tough one when you are transitioning into your new family too! Just a question to make sure your docs have ruled out some things regarding their illnesses: Did they get their immunizations before traveling to Korea? If so, that helps rule out things what were picked up while traveling. Hugs to you, and go girl power!

    • Jen April 25, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

      Michelle, they were all caught up on their immunizations. The doc said they didn’t need something special. Do you have something in your mind that it could be?

  2. Minna April 26, 2012 at 12:14 am #

    Hello Jen!

    This must seem like such a random comment, but I found this website from my mom who got it from her sister who lives in Korea! The connection? My aunt has been volunteering at the orphanage that Seungjoo’s from for years and she was very close to her. She loved her so much and was able to grow such a beautiful relationship with her! She took her out often for sleepovers/trips, and whenever I or my mom went to Korea to visit we always got to see Seungjoo! She is such a sweet and fun little girl, and we are all so happy and blessed that she found such a welcoming, warm, compassionate, and loving family!

    I’m so very shocked and excited that we’re able to connect somehow. I truly believe God has allowed us to meet (at least over the internet!), and my mom, my aunt, and I have been excitedly reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey and your life, through the joys and struggles, for us to experience with you.

    I also truly believe that God has placed you as the perfect mom for Seungjoo, and we are all super happy she gets to grow up in a special and loving family! God bless you, your husband, and all *three* of your incredible kids! 🙂

    • Jen April 26, 2012 at 2:12 am #

      Minna, WOW! My jaw is dropped! Tears in my eyes! Off to email you right now!

  3. Aunt Jesy April 26, 2012 at 1:28 am #

    Hey Jen
    I’m so sorry to hear that the boys are sick, Let me know if you need anything!

  4. stephanie April 26, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    Oh, how weird!!! So sorry you are dealing with this. I hope it all gets resolved and everyone gets healthy SOON!

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