Our tour guide: Stella

18 Apr

When we went to Deoksu Palace on our last day in Seoul, we were approached by this sweet girl who said she was a volunteer tour guide and would we like a tour.  It was our only thing on our day’s list of to-do’s besides pack so we weren’t in much of a hurry.  The tour guide’s name was Stella. (American name.)  She said she was 12 years old, 14 in Korean age. BLEW us away with her knowledge, her English and her determination for life.  She wanted to be a Diplomat, so volunteering was helping her with her future goal in life.  She volunteered at like 5 different sites in Seoul, ALL for no pay! She takes English, Japanese and Chinese at school and up until this year, went to school 6 days a week.  It was crazy that she was only 2 years older than Logan!

After our tour, she handed us her business card and wanted to friend us on FB. 😉  Her mom was there taking photos for her, so she got out her Ipad and found me.  Her mom took so many great pictures and was interjecting to have her tell us more and more and at one point, Stella asked us why we adopted Seung Joo.  Dave went on to explain how in America, adoption is very common and a blessing and family blood lines don’t mean a thing to us.  That SJ was our daughter just like L and M are our sons.  It was a pretty in-depth convo that I missed much of because SJ was just learning how fun it was to jump off stairs holding onto my hands.

Adoption is not common in Korea and is not looked at as the same as having a child biologically.

I just noticed that Stella has a blog and she blogged about our trip.  I won’t link to it because she is only 12, but her words are so profound that I’m posting them here.


Today I think today’s tour was the most impressive tour in my life I think. these family was so generous and very wonderful and beautiful mind. Since 2 years ago, they’re thinking to adopt the girl who wears pink cloth. And, finally they adopted her.  Her name was Kim Seung Ju (김승주). She was only 5 years old I also heard that 4.13 was her birthday.  Even though it is too late. Happy Birthday , 승주~ Congratulations~

 I was so impressed in this family, because, our country and other country has different idea of adoption. They think adopted person is also their family. But, for us it’s little different. We can’t pregnant they adopted. Our country is very bothered about flesh and blood. However, their idea of adoption is very different because, for them, an adoption is being a same family together. When she becomes an adult, I wish she comes back to Korea. Maybe you live in U.S.A. But, I wish you come back to Korea whenever. She was so lovely and her family was really beautiful and very generous. I was very impressive for them a lot, so much. I wish Seung Ju lives happily forever with her wonderful family……^^
Maybe miss Stella will start the wave! Question the thought of why adoption has the stigma it does. What a powerful child she is already, I can only imagine the type of life-changing adult she will be.  Spread the word, Stella! Adoption is a beautiful thing! Be the one who starts talking to your friends and maybe in 10 years, we’ll live in a different world.

2 Responses to “Our tour guide: Stella”

  1. Dena April 19, 2012 at 3:24 am #

    So awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. judymayer April 20, 2012 at 1:50 pm #

    You planted a seed in very fertile soil, Mama Jen. Maybe someday Stella will adopt a child!

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