Twins: Thousands of Miles Apart

26 Mar

Because Coralie had been on the waiting child list for almost 4 years when we requested her file, there are quite a few people who know her sweet face.  So many people have reached out saying that they:

  • Reviewed her file years ago, but couldn’t move forward
  • Kept a picture of her and have kept praying for her to find her family
  • Simply loved her from her bio found on the websites
  • Were considering asking for her file in the very near future

There are a LOT of people who love her. That is amazing to know that even when we didn’t know her, people across the country (world?) were praying for her..and us! For us to wake up and find her! THANK YOU if you were one of those people! 

One of these people is my new friend Amy.  She found out that we were matched with Cora in December and wrote this sweet blog post about us.  (She is currently bringing home her second sweetie, this time from China. Pop over and follow her journey to Ji.)  I knew Amy had loved on my sweet Seung Joo, so when she said she wanted to send her a little something, I was ecstatic. I was hoping for a card to put in her forever box letting her know, one day, she was in the hearts of many while she was living in her orphanage.

Imagine my surprise when a BOX came.  I opened it immediately and my mouth dropped.
Are you KIDDING me!?  It is an American Girl twin doll.  I jumped on the computer to message Amy, but what she told me next stopped me in my tracks.

Amy also loves a little girl in China who is waiting for her forever family.  She knew a group was making a trip to the orphanage she lives in, so this sweet baby girl’s twin was sent along to be given to the little girl who stole Amy’s heart. I don’t think words can say just how touched I was…am.  And I will let Cora know about this great gift of a little girl in China who is loving on the same doll from the same family as she is.

I pray that this amazing little girl living in China can find her forever family. She apparently didn’t want to put the doll down at all! If you want more information on her, please let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Amy has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen, honestly.  Her love is amazing and this world is better because of her.  Amy, THANK YOU!!

And if you were one of those people who prayed for my sweet girl and would like to send her a card for her forever box, let me know! I’d love to show her one day those who knew her before we did, loved her and prayed for her.


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