The 2nd Last Care Package + EP Update

22 Feb

Remember when I sent my last care package in November? My last and what was supposed to be THEE last.  (It didn’t get to Cora by Christmas, btw.  At least that is what I thought when I got an “update” that said they were sending it to the orphanage after Christmas.)  Well, our agency allowed Sarah’s mom to send Sarah a package because her birthday is coming up next month.  We are all SO SAD that it doesn’t appear that they will spend that birthday as a family.  Cora’s birthday is exactly 1 month later than Sarah’s and while that sounds like we might make it in time, we got a new EP update today from our agency.

The people in charge of allowing EP submissions have retracted their statement of “sometime in February” to now “sometime in March”.  Once submitted, we could still be looking at 4-6-8 weeks.  Our agency is, as I mentioned before, typically the fastest to get things rolling after EP approval, so I’d hope it would be the lower end. I’m hoping for 2-3 weeks after submission, but who knows.

So, you can see how we might not make it for Cora’s 5th b-day, either.  Initially the idea was to only have Sarah’s mom send a package so that Sarah could know the special feeling of being the only special little girl, but with the new news and knowing that a package is going straight to the orphanage (fingers crossed they allow that) my heart broke thinking that we might not get the chance to get another one to her.  Our history has shown us that despite our efforts of getting our package to our agency, sometimes it takes a VERY long time for them to send. (ahem) and then it goes to the Korean agency and then sits there until they get to the orphanage.  My heart couldn’t let that box go without a package for Cora, too.

Realistically, this could be her bday package, too. *sigh*  So, tonight I ran to Target, wandered the isles looking for items that would fit in the 1 (.25 😉 ) gallon bag.  Do you now what it is like to squeeze the size 5 (size 5! 😦 ) skirts into a bunch and pick the one that takes the least amount of room.  So hard.  I had to pass over 2 very cute outfits because of the thickness of the fabric.

But here it is.  Dave packed it up so compact it seems like I could have added more.  I may stop at the dollar store and get some more stickers or something for Cora’s room.

Micky Mouse outfit made me think of the day we will bring Cora and the boys to Disney.
Tights to match.
Sparkly star barettes.
A slap watch.
Hello Kitty Sunglasses.

When I was little, I loved the bottles where the milk disappears.  Target had them in their dollar section, so I hoped to find a tiny little doll to go with.  And, I did!

I thought I’d send a camera so Cora could take pictures of her friends? Her room? Or maybe her caretakers could take pictures of Cora and her friends? I don’t even know if I will get it back, but I thought I’d see what happens.
Lipgoss, stickers and jelly bellies.

And along with the camera idea, I thought I would send little “autograph” books for the girls to maybe (wishful thinking?) have their friends write their names or draw something in the books.  What a blessing that would be if it actually happened.

I google translated the word “friends”. Hoping it’s right. 😉

The boys, fresh from the shower, each drew Cora a card.

I feel like the kids have lost a bit of the hope, too.  We are VERY careful to keep our sorrow from the boys, but after so many months, they have started to wonder, too. As seen by Miles’ words.  Not the given, “I’ll see you soon!”  but the “I HOPE to see you soon.”
All tucked into the bag ready to be overnighted in the morning.

And on a side note, can I just ask you to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.  I will be honest and say that this was the worst day to date.  I told Dave that my emotions have gone from:

Scared, happy, EXCITED, IN LOVE!!, encouraged, ready to wait, frustrated, sad, sad sad sad, mad, MAD MAD MAD, numb, numb numb numb and now it’s more of the idea that I really just am not 100% sure that they are going to let her come home and I’m feeling like I maybe should prepare my heart for that.  The tears are gone. I can’t get them to come no matter how hard I try.
Life is hard right now.
Another adoptive mom shared this picture and it pretty much feels like me.
Comforted by this song lately:

I can do all things, through Christ who gives me strength. I don’t have to be strong enough.


5 Responses to “The 2nd Last Care Package + EP Update”

  1. stephanie February 22, 2012 at 3:39 am #

    Oh, honey…my heart breaks for you and all you’ve been through and all you are facing. I just don’t get it and don’t have the words.
    You are so thoughtful in what you chose to send Cora. Her face is going to light up when she opens that package.
    Continued prayers that God WILL make a way to get her home…SOON!

  2. Judy Mayer February 22, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    I’m so very sad and sorry to hear this. Sending your broken heart a hug. And praying for some movement in Korea’s adoption practices…

  3. grammom February 22, 2012 at 1:06 pm #

    Jennifer, every time I see a ‘Cora’ update, I’m hoping it is good news and that you have gotten good news. Also – I do NOT understand what and why the delay. You are all in our prayers every night.

  4. Laurie February 23, 2012 at 11:16 pm #

    totally understand, totally praying.

    praying from Sweden,

  5. Cedar/ Joyful Mama February 24, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    I can only imagine how difficult this must be. Praying for peace and good news soon for you and your family!

    (Visiting from Stephanie’s blog.)

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