Cora’s Christmas Presents

28 Dec

Cora wasn’t with us for Christmas, but she still had presents under the tree! Thanks to my family who remembered her!

We got her a couple little things. One hasn’t arrived yet, but a friend of mine is creating a custom painting for Cora’s room. It will have her name on it and a few special things we wanted tied with with the painting.  Pictures to come.

We picked up these Hangul block when a friend recommended them.  They’re beautiful and we’ll mix them up with the ABC blocks we have.

She got an adorable personalized blanket that is SO much nicer in person than in picture. It’s silky on one side and full of texture and softness on the other. I love it!

We also ordered these prints from Kilsook – they are amazing! They are going to go in a set on her wall.

Beautiful girls in their hanboks.

Then this one has a little girl with the Korean Air symbols on her shirt.  The artist herself was adopted from Korea. The 2nd one is very special. You could get it with or without the poem, and we chose without but it reads:


there has always been a special branch on our family tree just for you.

No two trees are exactly a like. No two branches grow the same.
By plane, by train, by car, by hope, by fluke, by circumstance, by love, by promise, by story, by memory, by want, by choice, by gratitude, by dream, by thank you, by hug, by tears, by smiles, by miles, by delivery, by wait, by good night, by the journey, by the way…it’s good to be home.


I adore these prints.

This cute little doll in her hanbok plays a Korean folksong.

This little doll blanket was hand made by a friend of my moms.

And of course, Hello Kitty had to come in the picture somewhere.

Cora has her first pillow pet. 🙂

As for me, I was very certain that I was going to be overly emotional on Christmas missing my Coralie. I did miss her, but I had that peace that she was going to be home soon.  I was able to concentrate and be in the heart of the holiday, for the most part. Christmas day, for sure.  It was just the buildup of the idea of the feelings that wound up not being so bad at all.

Onward and upward! Miles’ 7th birthday celebration is this week and we’re very excited to spend a couple nights away. He chose a waterpark getaway over a kid party and boooooy is it just what we needed.


One Response to “Cora’s Christmas Presents”

  1. Yvonne December 29, 2011 at 4:09 am #

    we love kilsook too – those prints are awesome! so glad that will be part of what welcomes your daughter home.

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