Orphanage Fundraiser Update

22 Dec

Here’s an update on the fundraiser we’re doing for Coralie’s orphanage.  We’ve had the jewelry now for a little more than a month and you are all knocking our socks off with your involvement. But we still have SO MUCH jewelry in our possession that we’d like to sell. (To you. 😉 )

If you’re not aware of the fundraiser that we are doing, here’s the brief lowdown. Cora lives in a special needs orphanage in Seoul. We’re raising money for her orphanage – not for any adoption costs, travel costs or any cost related to our adoption. All funds will be given to the orphanage to do with what they think best for the kids living there.

To raise the money, we’re selling amazing jewelry hand made in Uganda out of recycled paper.  The beads are then varnished and you’d never know they were once flat paper.  Here’s the organization we’re fundraising through. (Bead for Life)

Oops! How did that get in here. 😉

To date, we have sold more than $1,600 worth of jewelry. YAY!! 20% (more than $300 currently) is going right to Amsa Orphanage in Seoul, Korea. 80% (more than 1,200) is going right back into the hands of the women who created the jewelry in Uganda to help pay for their family, their shelter, their food…all amazing stuff.  I’m encouraged by your generosity.

BUT my goal is $500 to the orphanage.  To get to that point, we need to sell $2,500. That’s a LOT, I know, but big goals are good goals.  We need to sell a little more than $800 worth of jewelry. But do you know why I don’t think it’s impossible?  Because the jewelry is AMAZING. Everyone who sees an item absolutely loves them.

They have an amazing story. They are literally hand rolled pieces of magazine and other paper that turn a woman’s families life around.  I read that one woman shared a shed with goats and one year into her life with Bead for Life is building a real home for her family. Amazing.

That alone makes these pieces worth picking up, but for those who have gotten to know Coralie with us, the funds will also go to help better her friends, life-long friends who will spend their days at the orphanage.

Can you consider picking out a piece? They range in price from $5 to $25.  That’s it! And the $25 one is amazing. A statement piece, for sure.

Here’s the link that talks about and shows pictures of the jewelry. I personally have the stock in hand and will ship the items to you. Payment is online on their website with a link I provide to you. Couldn’t be easier.

Thank you for thinking about all of the kiddos unable to have the little red square around their picture!


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