Christmas this Year

18 Dec

Someone said to me last week, “Oh, it’s good that you have one last Christmas as a family before she comes.”

I just want to say, for the record, we already are a family of 5. Our last Christmas before Cora comes home will be wonderful. We will enjoy the kids faces on Christmas morning, we will eat good food, have good conversation and relish in the wonder of Christmas.  We will worship as a family, we will sing the songs we love so much together.  We will spend wonderful time together, grateful to God for our amazing blessings in our boys.

But lest you think we’re celebrating one last ‘hurrah’ before Cora comes home, know that we will be thinking of her the entire holiday, as we have been daily since we “met” her through her file.  We will sense the absence of her on Christmas morning, as we do every morning.  Our stockings hanging on the mantle obviously is missing one that says “Cora”. We’ll go through the Christmas gatherings smiling happily, because we will be, but we will absolutely be aware of and missing the 5th member of our family.  We are grateful to God for our amazing blessing waiting for us.

We are already a family of 5. Our daughter just happens to live in Seoul right now.



One Response to “Christmas this Year”

  1. Anne Pirlot December 21, 2011 at 10:48 pm #

    Ah, the well-intentioned things people say when they’re trying to make you feel better …

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