Surprise!! From Silas

7 Dec

When I get an envelope in the mail from Compassion International that says, “Message From Your Sponsored Child!” on the front of it my entire month is made.  Can you even imagine how much effort and care it takes to send me a letter from my little Silas all the way in Uganda?  Along with all of the other sponsored children in Uganda. And it comes to us each time. Baffles me! And I get SO excited.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope and THIS fell out.

If you’re heard me talk about my Silas before, you may have seen a picture of him. You might be thinking that this is just a copy of his yearly picture. Oh no…no, this is much, much more than that.  Read the bottom. “with his birthday card”.


We’ve been sponsoring him for a couple of years now and never, ever have we gotten a glimpse of him with something we’ve sent him. This was an amazing thing we got here.  Sadly, with Compassional Intl, we can only send what fits in an envelope. Bookmarks, pictures, cards, coloring sheets.  It’s tough when I just want to send the kid some clothes. I pair of shoes (Logan said, “Look! His feet are finally growing into his shoes!”) toys, school supplies, granola bars…anything other than flat paper.

The card there is a Hamster Dance song card.  I hope he and his friends got a kick out of it.

And for the first time, Silas wrote all of his own writings. He’s 8 now, so he’s getting pretty smart, I’d assume. (Proud sponsor!)

He wants to be a mechanic. And meet his Uncle Ssemyala. And visit Lukaya. I had never heard of Lukaya, so I looked it up.  A small town of 15,500.  I believe his mom tried to find work there.

See him there, under the van, being a mechanic?

His prayer request:

That God would continue to give me life.

How’s that for a punch in the gut. It’s his world. Life is precious and not guaranteed.

Can you pray for my Silas, that God would continue to not only give him life, but love and happiness and food and shelter and the ability to stay a child for as long as possible. That he is allowed to be a boy, not a solider or a lost child.

Did you LOOK at his smile? I love this boy.


One Response to “Surprise!! From Silas”

  1. grammom December 7, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

    Sweet boy. 🙂

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