Visa Physical – Class B (AKA: Woo-hoo!)

5 Dec

On Friday morning, I got an email from our Adoption agency.  Cora had her Visa Physical!  This is wonderful news! We were sent her “Class B” form to fill out.  All this is is the report of medical conditions that Cora has that we need to sign with a notary that we are aware of them and will provide for her.  Nothing came back that we weren’t already aware of.  We’re getting it notarized today and sending it back.

I’ll be honest in saying that I haven’t really prepared myself for what lies ahead in steps, but thanks to some great adoption friends, I think I have it now.  If you see an error, let me know!

Here’s what is upcoming:

US Side of things:

  • 1600 approval.  Because our legals took so long to arrive (4 months) we’re a little bit behind on this step.  It also took 3 weeks for state approval of our legals before they went to USCIS, so they only arrived recently.  This approval will approve SJ to be an immediate relative. Things have been moving quickly with USCIS, so I’m hopeful it will continue that way.  I called our agent last week and left a voicemail for her. She returned an email saying she hasn’t actually gotten them yet, but they are logged in and she hopes she’ll see them this week. Hurray!  We can not travel without this approval.
  • NVC – “out” – Back in June, when our i600a app was approved (approving us to adopt), they sent our file to the National Visa Center (NVC). That’s considered “Logged in”.  We’re there. It said on the form that it was getting sent to the US Embassy in Seoul, which would be “Logged Out”. I can apparently call to see if it has been logged out, but I think they need my i600 approval to log it out and send it to Seoul, so we’re waiting on that approval before we make any phone calls. (Unless someone tells me that I’m wrong about the i600 needing to be approved, and if so, I’ll call. Do you know?)

Korea side of things:

  • P3 – Once they have sent our file to the US Embassy in Seoul, the Embassy sends a packet (called a P3 in adoption terms) to our Korean agency. (SWS) This contains the documents needed for Coralie’s Visa Interview on top of the US documents. So we’re obviously not near this part yet because we’re still waiting for our i600 approval. Also, for them to send the P3 back to the Embassy, they need to grant SJ an EP, Emigration Permit.  Korea has a quota on EP’s that was met months ago. Once they run out, they can not issue any more until the new year.  We know that Cora missed the deadline, so she will not be getting submitted for an EP until January. Once EVERYTHING is completed in the packet, or P3, they send it back to the Embassy.
  • Visa Interview – Once SJ’s P3 is all completed and she’s been submitted for EP approval, she has a Visa Interview. (But really, I don’t know what this entails. Obviously she isn’t interviewed,  but it could be when her travel photo is taken?  Who can help me here?)
  • Travel Call – If I’m correct in thinking, once those two steps are finished, we’ll get a travel call! Woo-hoo!  Our Korean agency does not give updates on when steps are completed, however.  People can call the embassy to get info and sometimes that helps aid in guesstimating travel times, but it’s not always accurate.  The other Korean agencies have always told their US agencies when a child was submitted for an EP, which then would help aid in finding out a bit when travel would be.  Our Korean agency doesn’t do that. We’ll just wake up one day and get a travel call! Nothing like the cost of last minute plane tickets for 4 there and 5 back to drain the bank account. (Right after Christmas and Miles’ birthday, no less.)

So we’re stuck right now waiting for our I600 approval.  Praying it is a quick in and out process so we can get the P3 sent to SWS and get all of our ducks in a row come January!

The Korean agency has told our US agency that due to Cora (and Mercy’s!) age, they will be in the first batch. This means that we could be one of the first travel calls in 2012.  Realistically it could be February, but last year, the very first travel call was Jan 18th.  So it very well COULD be next month.  Time to get my butt in gear and get everything ready. (Which is highly stressful when we’re Christmas shopping for the boys, too. Do you know how much stuff a 4 year old needs?  Especially a 4 year old girl in a family of no girls.  I hate shopping and spending money, so this isn’t easy for me.)

Mercy’s mom and I have tentatively planned to have our families travel home on the same flight so that the girls can help entertain each other for the 12ish hour flight.  I think they are having a great “Airport reception” for Mercy.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be having one for Cora because I really don’t think the family will travel that far to the airport, but that’s OK! We’ll be so happy to be a witness to those celebrating Mercy and we know our family will be celebrating in spirit.

Also, we planned on taking the girls, the boys and her daughter to Lotte World on our last day there to let the girls have one more amazing day together in Korea. We’ve been blessed to connect and grow a wonderful friendship over the past 7 months and I can’t wait to continue our relationship with the girls.

Now I just have to buckle down, frugally finish Christmas shopping and then finish preparing for Cora’s arrival.  We’re getting there! Hard to believe it’s almost here.


4 Responses to “Visa Physical – Class B (AKA: Woo-hoo!)”

  1. parkfamily5 December 5, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    Yeah! the travel plans sound great! if we arrive Friday morning back in the States, I’m not sure we’ll have a big airport reception…=( But if we arrive Friday night, we might…we’ll see. =) Either way it will be so awesome to travel back with you guys! About the NVC in and out. The I600 has to go through same as the I600A did for the P3 to be sent out. Praying you hear good news from USCIS this week!

  2. amy December 5, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    woohoooo IS right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you all your getting closer!!!! :):):)

  3. stephanie December 6, 2011 at 1:58 am #

    Seriously can not WAIT!


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