Pumpkin Patch Fun

10 Oct

Each year, we try to pick a nice weekend to go to the pumpkin patch.  Every year we have on hoodies, coats, sometimes even winter hats and gloves. Not this year, baby! This year it was 83 degrees. And I didn’t miss the chill in the air one single bit. Instead of hot chocolate to warm us up, we had fresh apple cider to cool us down.

There were “G” rated kids fun like corn tee-pees and haunted silos. And while Miles has braved the haunted silo in the past, this year he wasn’t so sure about the pitch black.  So, after careful consideration, he waited outside for big brother and dad to come out.

They had a big pumpkin contest and while we didn’t watch them weigh them all, the one we DID watch was 1700 lbs! Holy big pumpkins!

If we ever own a farm, we are SO getting a couple of these big guys. 😉 They are bulls from Austria. The most friendly things! Like dogs! They wanted to be pet and snuggled and we fell in love. They looked you in the eye and brought their little heads closer for a pet. Beautiful animals.

And of course the kitty pen was full of kids waiting to get their little hands on a kitten.  The little guy we had kept falling asleep and I was sad for their exhaustion. I can’t imagine how long of a day it is for them.  He curled up in my arms and put his head in my hair and instantly closed his eye.  Miles said it was because he thought I was his mommy because we had the same color hair. ha!

We fed goats bottles of milk. Is it me, or do goat’s eyes sort of freak you out?  They scare me! haha!

Awww! Big Tom Turkey, cute little 6 year old boy posing for a picture-perfect shot.

Look a little closer.

Yep, Big Tom Turkey had had it with the posing and took it out on poor Miles.  You can see him leaning in for the peck, can’t you?  Luckily he only got his shirt, not his arm. But it scared Miles to tears.

Then the turkey asked us to leave. And we did.

We took a wagon ride to the pumpkin field and did the obligatory, “I’ll take your family’s picture if you take ours.” 😉

I snuggled up with my boys and relished in the moment as I’m watching my big guy turn 10 next month. He still loves cuddling up to his mom, but will gently (or not so!) push my arm away if he’s feeling the tween in him come out. *sigh* Why do they have to grow up?

Miles found a “RARE!!!!” pumpkin that he is certain he will make 2 faces on. And Logan found his perfect one, too! It’s amazing how pumpkins in the background can make any picture a perfect picture.

My three boys, who I love with all of my heart.


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