Letter From (my) Angels

29 Sep

There is a very talented, famous photographer in Korea named Sei-Hon, Cho.  8 years ago, he started a yearly project called, “Letter from Angels” in which he takes photographs of 100 day old orphaned babies in Korea waiting for adoption along side with famous Korean celebrities.  In Korea, the 100th day is important because historically, if you survived to 100 days, you made it past the time where many babies didn’t. The celebrities range from actors to musicians to politicians.  All very beautiful people.

The reason for these photos is to encourage domestic adoption.  And I read that statistically, 90% of the babies in “Letter from Angels” do get matched. (Not sure what the percentage is for domestic placements, thought.)  Babies must be held only for Korean families for the first 5 months of age, so all of these babies were only available to Korean families at the time of the launch of the campaign.  If they were not matched with a Korean family at 5 months, they would be placed for international adoption.

For whatever reason, my sweet Seung Joo was included in 2010’s Letter from Angels. Far from her 100th day, she was 3 years 8 months old.  I think it is amazing that she was included in this project and I hope that she goes on to appreciate this as she grows.

Her celebrity companion was Seoul’s Mayor Oh Se-Hoon. (He recently stepped down from his role as Mayor.) He has such kindness and love in his eyes and the photos mean so much to us.

Here is the final shot of all of the babies/celebrities, but you can see more photos of the session here and here.

Mayor Oh wrote a small note for Seung Joo, which Mercy’s mom so nicely translated for us.

“승주야, 꿈을 크게 가져요.”
“그리고 꼭 이뤄요.”
“승주가 꼭 행복했으면 좋겠어.”
“오늘 표정처럼 늘 구김살 없는 인생을 즐겁게 살아요!!”

“Seungjoo. Dream big dreams.

And I hope your dreams come true.

I hope Seungjoo to always be happy.

And like today to have a peaceful life.”


I hope so, too, Seung Joo.


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