Korean Language Classes

26 Sep

Apparently in the next 9 weeks (in my 10 week Korean class that just started) I’m going to be able to completely read Korean.  Now, I’m not going to know what I’m reading, most likely, but I’m going to be able to read it!  How cool is that?  Comprehension will come, I’m sure.  We’re working on a few phrases so far and then the alphabet.  Here’s what we learned in our first week.

ᄋ- silent if in the beginning or “ng” otherwise

ᅥ – “uh”

ᅡ- “ah”

ᅮ – “Oh”

ᅩ – “oooh”

ᄆ – “mmm”

ᄂ- “N”

ᄉ – “Shh” or “ss”

ᄅ – The hardest one so far! It’s “d” – ish or  “r”-ish, but not really English “d” or “r”.

ᅳ – The 2nd hardest one.  I’ve yet to accomplish it.  It’s “eu” but nothing like a sound we make on a regular basis.

ᅵ- “ee”

So, if we were to use these symbols to speak in English, you can see how 마 미 would be “mommy”.  The ᄆ(mm) ᅡ(ah) ᄆ(mm) ᅵ(ee).

Dave said it wasn’t helpful for her to show us that because 마 미 really isn’t “mommy” in Korean and it confused him.  haha!  We’re working on combining and then learning more consonants and vowels!  Having fun with it! Can’t wait to learn more!


2 Responses to “Korean Language Classes”

  1. sky September 30, 2011 at 7:07 am #

    Great job so far!! I’m excited for your journey in learning in Korean and super duper excited for your journey to Cora! I saw the video of the two BFFs together and it just about melted my heart! =)

    • jenadk September 30, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

      Aww! Thank you!! 🙂

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