12 weeks – But really so much more.

21 Sep

Today marks 12 weeks since our agency sent our acceptance paperwork to Korea.  But it started before that.

It was 21 weeks ago that we called our agency to talk about this little girl.

It was 15 weeks ago that Dave and I had talked and talked and talked to doctors, neurologists, physiologists, family and friends.

It was also 15 weeks ago when we got a babysitter, went out for Korean and decided that a decision had to be made.

It was 14 weeks ago that we said, over the phone, “YES!”

“I have goosebumps” <–The response from the wonderful woman at our agency who has been trying to place Seung Joo for 4years.

Friday, June 24 was the day that this little Fedex truck stopped in front of my house.

A very nice man walked a very important package to my doorstep and didn’t even flinch at my yappy dog.

It was 12 weeks and 2 days ago when I walked into the Fedex store with this.

Our acceptance paperwork.

And it was 12 weeks ago yesterday that it was sent to Korea.

A flurry of events that blend together, a blur, abruptly stopped and the day, weeks and months that have since ticked by and been so very slow.

It’s the hurry up and wait of adoption.

I like the hurry up part so much better.

I’m good at hurrying up.

Not so good at waiting.

But, we wait, because it’s all we can do.

We likely have another 25+ weeks of the wait. God help us.


One Response to “12 weeks – But really so much more.”

  1. parkfamily5 September 22, 2011 at 2:43 am #

    We can do it Jen! you are so cute to have photographed so much of your journey!!!
    I LOVE it!

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