Our Sponsored Children – A Cute Story

19 Sep

Last month, we signed up to sponsor our second child, a little girl in Haiti.

Her name is Tabitha, and she’s 3 years old.  Oh my goodness, is she not thee most adorable child?  I’m looking forward to seeing her grow throughout the years!  We’re getting together a care package for her. (the org we’re working through) The person I talked to said that granola bars are thee best thing because they are so hungry all of the time.  *sigh* Life is so hard for so many people.

We sponsor an 8 year old boy in Uganda as well.  His name is Silas. Here was the first picture we got of him when he was 6.

I won’t lie, this kid got chosen by the boys – then 3 and 6 – because he obviously liked super heroes, given his shirt. He looks like he’d blow over with a strong breeze.

5 months later, we got his updated yearly picture.

And we rejoiced when we saw his full cheeks, his smile, his missing tooth, his belly.  (And really, aren’t those socks just amazing? I want them!)

But then we got his last update, and things weren’t as rejoiceful. Silas didn’t look like that joyful, jolly kid anymore.

To us, it just showed us that even as a kid, Uganda life is hard.  And we feared he was growing up too fast.  What he might have to face each day…it was hard to think about.

Still so sweet, but…

Then one day, I needed to call the org we work with for Silas’ sponsorship, to update our yearly funds for him.  The girl on the phone said, “Do you have any concerns that this picture isn’t of your Silas?  Because it doesn’t look like the right child to me and we’ve had a lot of mixup’s for whatever reason with this batch of kids in Uganda.  His ears look different, he has a scar in one photo and not the other and his skin is different darkness.  I don’t think this is your Silas! Silas is a VERY common name in this region.”

I stared at the pictures, compared, tried to see if I could tell, but I couldn’t.  Part of me HOPED it wasn’t my Silas and maybe there was a mixup and my Silas was still the happy, joyful boy.  But then I felt sad for this Silas.  I didn’t know what to think.

She said, “We’ll go ahead and send out a message to your child’s team in Uganda to verify that this is indeed your Silas.  It could take up to 6 months, though because we’re literally GOING to Uganda for this update.”

I couldn’t help but be excited about this!

We got our email confirmation last week and the message from Uganda was translated for us.

Kindly let Jennifer who is  Silas’ sponsor know that we are so grateful for the support rendered for the well being of Silas. He has grown so healthy and we are positive the Lord is still taking him so far.  As portrayed in the image, Silas  developed another tooth to replace the one he had removed at the time of the last update and he is looking so healthy.  Please let her know that our children as they grow,  go through certain stages of development, their bodies encounter changes and removing teeth is one of the changes that Silas too had to go through.


Can you imagine the person in Uganda thinking that “Jennifer in the US” doesn’t understand that kids lose teeth?! I never said anything about teeth, but I DO think it’s darling!
But the BEST part of the email were two new pictures of my Silas!  THE Silas that we know and love!

Click on them to make them bigger! He is growing up to be so handsome! And we’re so glad to see that smile once again.

We feel SO lucky to have these two children, an extension of our family, in Uganda and Haiti.


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