The Best of Summer

1 Sep
This summer was the BEST summer ever.  Seriously, I’ve been a mom for almost 10 years, and I’ve never had such a summer as I did this year.  It wasn’t some fabulous vacation or new summer toy that made it so wonderful, it was simple awesome family time.  Logan even said this was HIS favorite summer.  Sometimes, simple is best, and we’re proof! 
Here are some of our summer highlights.

We spent a few nights with Grandpa and Grandma.
We fed ducks!

We went on our very first family camping trip.  And it was the highlight of the summer.

We went to the Dells.  And water parks aren’t really our thing yet, so we did laser tag, go carts, ropes coarse, etc…BLAST!

We lost teeth!!

We left our 9 year old for an entire 3 nights with a teenage youth counselor. No phones, no parents. A little scary. He survived. We also sent Miles to Grandma camp for those nights. Yay for Dave and I!

Dave and I both turned a year older.  The point to note is that HE is a year older than I am.

Bike rides are fun. Bike rides to get ice cream cones are even more fun.
We bowled. Miles won! (Is there an age limit for the bumpers? Thinking not.)

We went swimming.  Oh, did we go swimming. Many, many times.
We went to our amazing FREE zoo. Learned a lot about red pandas, too!

And of course, we spend times thinking about how next summer will be even better, because Cora will be with us!


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