Cora’s Best Friend

9 Aug

At Cora’s orphanage, if I’m understanding correctly, they live in little families.  I believe there are 8 girls in Cora’s family who sleep in the same room. While Cora’s lived at her orphanage for basically her entire life, most Korean children waiting for adoption live in foster homes.  If they are not adopted by age 3(ish), they are transferred into an orphanage.

About a year ago, a little girl was transferred into Cora’s orphanage and placed in her “family”.  When I first inquired about Coralie, there was immediate talk from the agency about her and her best friend, who like Cora had the initials, “S.J.”.  (Cora’s name is Seung Joo)

When we were looking over her file, most of the pictures and all of the video had this sweet little girl in them.  The girls seem pretty much inseparable. BFF’s. 😉

So, imagine my heart when we knew that Seung Joo was going to have a home, but “SJ” was going to stay there.  It was a hard fact to deal with.  Both girls have been listed for almost 4 years and those adopting from Korea typically are waiting for a referral of a baby, so I was thinking about anyone who had every shown an interest in adoption local to send her info to.  I couldn’t think of anyone.

I belong to a Korean adoption forum, and imagine my happiness when I found out that there was a family looking at SJ’s file!  We instantly connected, chatted about the girls (we were still researching Cora’s medical records at the time) and we really walked the path together.

This family accepted SJ’s file and will be bringing her home!  Best part? They are only about a 4-hr car ride from our house.  They were in our city last weekend, so we had a chance to meet them in person and share our joy for each other’s new addition.

We instantly clicked and I do believe that this little SJ is one lucky little girl to be joining such an amazing family.  (It wasn’t until after we posed with photos that I wondered what the other people at the coffee shop thought we were doing!;)  When they dug out their picture of SJ, Logan said, “Awww! She’s SO cute!!”  She IS, isn’t she?
If you want to follow her story, head over to her blog, Bringing Home Mercy.  We’re hoping that we might have the chance to travel together! Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to welcome the girls into their forever families arms on the same day?  The airplane ride home? 


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