Prayer Requests

20 Jul

There are three things heavy on my heart this morning as I sit her in the silence, sipping my coffee.  The boys are still sleeping and Dave is out playing basketball.  I love the quiet mornings I get if I’m able to force myself up and out of bed. But this morning, my thoughts are not on happy quiet moments. 

1.  My Silas – There is a major drought going on in Africa right now.  Silas and his family are right in the middle of the biggest affected area.   

“We are already in the crisis. There are areas where people are going with only one meal in a day. There are also areas in Karamoja region where people do not have a meal at all unless they are rescued. That is what is happening, the reality that we must tackle,” Ecweru Musa Francis, State Minister, Relief and Disaster Preparedness, explains the magnitude of drought in Uganda.  (from this article)

 Compassion sent the families who sponsor kids in Uganda and other surrounding countries affected an email dictating the severity of the drought right now. They said that this drought is the worst drought in more than 60 years.  40% of the kids under age 5 are affected. (And, what about Silas? He’s 8. What’s the under 5 thing? Not sure.) 

Please pray for Silas and all of the children and families affected right now.  My heart breaks for them. I’m SO worried about my Silas. He has 6 siblings and only his mom is still alive.  If you have a heart for African children, might you consider a small donation? Even $5?

2.  Haiti – So if you know me, you know that I also have a heart for Haiti that started long before the tragic earthquake.  There is an org that I support and recommend anytime anyone will listen.  It is run by the most amazing girl who started it as a teen. She’s only an early 20-something and ‘amazing’ doesn’t even cut it when it comes to her, what she’s doing and what’s she’s done.  Haiti Foundation Against Poverty.

Last week they saw 2,200 people in their medical clinic in only 6 days.  Their shelves are empty.  They’re desperate for OTC products such as vitamins, vicks vapor rub and vaginal wash.  The medical director told me personally in an email that that is just a small list of things they are desperate for.  But the magnitude of malnutrition and respiratory infections is very high right now. 

My family is sending supplies and I sent an email to all of my neighbors/friends who are local to see if they wanted to pitch in.  Might you consider pitching in from wherever you are and sending a box on your own? I went to Target yesterday and the Target brand Vicks was only $2.43 and the target brand vitamins were $4.43. Let me know if you want details on where to send.

3.  Korean Adoption – Korean adoption is in a not-so-great place right now and changes are happening and have been happening in the past few months.  Talks of the program closing, a shortage (major shortage) of EP’s (what a child needs to go home) and just the general sense of unknown and silence is affecting so many people right now.  One family that I know is rounding 15 months of waiting with no idea what is going on and when they might be able to travel.  Every day she wakes up and thinks, “Is today the day?”  And every night she goes to bed knowing it wasn’t.

We’re caught up in the EP mess right now, as you all know.  Coralie should be able to come home much sooner than Feb/March, but she can’t.  And it’s hard.  But we see an end in sight.  Pray, pray, pray that we’re right in this.  There are fears and spoken speculation that adoptions are coming to a sudden stop and while I don’t feel educated enough to agree or disagree, I pray that children who are matched, children who are waiting to be matched will be able to come home to their forever families.  I’m sort of putting my fingers in my ears and singing loudly so I don’t get sucked into the fear right now.

And while we’re talking Korea, pray for my sweet Coralie.  We’re sending her first care package today – pictures to come!


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