First Care Package!

20 Jul
We’ve been slowly gathering up items to put in Cora’s first care package, but there is a lot of pressure with a first care package!  There is SO much you want to put in it!  How do you narrow it down?  But then, when you hear that you have to pack it into a 1 GALLON ZIP LOCK BAG, it’s even more pressure. And I have been feeling that pressure.  
But today, off it went to our agency where, who knows how long it will take to get there???  But I thought I’d share what we put in our care package.  (One of the most fun things I’ve done so far in this adoption!!)

An adorable photo album to replace the talking one I bought before I knew about the gallon-size photo album thing.  And funny enough, despite this one not letting us talk on it, I like it even more!  See her sweet smile in the window!?  
It holds 12 photos.  Hey adopting parents – it’s only 7×5 and squishy! It’s ziplock bag parent approved!
I have to be honest.  This isn’t one of my favorite books.  Don’t you think the parent could just let the little bunny think he loves him more than the parent does?  Really? But the kids have always loved hearing it.
And look at the coolest part?  It’s in Korean AND English!  LOVE it! And I hope she does, too.
A VERY wrinkled dress.  Do you know how many ways a size 3T dress can be folded and rolled to fit? Many. Trust me.
Seung Joo loves bags, so the boys picked out these little darling bags.  Panda is from Miles and Bird is from Logan.
Inside Miles bag went the bracelets and the Hello Kitty brush/mirror.  Logan picked out the heart ring and the barrettes. 
We also added in some ABC/123 Stickers and two musical cards that I didn’t take a picture of.  One played the Hamster Dance song and the other one played an Alvin and the Chipmunks song.  Both picked out by the boys and danced to multiple times before packing.  Hoping Seung Joo and her friends will dance to them, too!
And in case you don’t think that that can fit into a 1 gallon size bag…

We did of course pack it with lots of love and good thoughts as we sent it off on the way.  First stop, MN.  Second stop, Seoul.
It’s coming, Coralie!

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