Eight. Or is it Seven.

12 Jul

I had a glimmer.

Remember, the glimmer of hope I had that Coralie would come home this year.  Because of her age and her situation, I allowed myself to have a glimmer of hope that she wouldn’t fall into the EP mess of children with families not able to travel.  (Korean families in process, I know, so stupid.)

Our agency’s Korean program director is in Korea right now.  I gathered up the guts to email her, asking specifically if Seung Joo could maybe be considered eligible for some mysterious EP’s that are rumored to show up sometimes after EP’s run out for special cases.

In my clouded eyes, Seung Joo doesn’t fall into the category of children who are getting held up in the process and I thought, we should just ask! So, we did.  (Remember, w/o the government’s reduction in EP’s this year, she’d be home, say, in September.)  

She told us she was just visiting with Seung Joo, that she looked adorable with her pig tails and she was talking up a storm to her friends in the center she lives in.  I wanted to find peace in that, and I did, but in the situation of unknown, it made my heart miss her.  Does it make sense to miss someone who you have never met?  To know that this women from our agency sat and observed her playing and talking and pig-tailing it up…I could see it, and I wish I could have SEEN it.

She agreed that it was a question worth asking and she promised to do so.  I heard from her tonight – she spoke with the Korean agency big-wig director who said that the glimmer I had should be snuffed out.  Coralie will not be coming home this year.  Though, they said they are very anxious to get her home and will work on her case as soon as they can come January.

So, maybe travel will be in February. 8 months from now.  Well, 7, I guess, right? 7 1/2 maybe?

So tonight I’m sortof mourning the loss of my glimmer because I did a good job of holding on to it.  I know there are SO.MANY.FAMILIES who have currently waited 14 months and SO.MANY.FAMILIES who will be waiting 14 months from here on out.  That’s SO hard.

So, what I’m trying to think about is a goal – something I can accomplish in 7-8 months. Something to say, “OK, so you can’t go get Coralie until February (hopefully not March!) so while you wait, you’ll do ………. to pass the time.”

I’ve started jogging.  I could do a race. Eh.
I could try and get this body back into comfy swimsuit condition.  (Not Gonna Happen)
I’ve brushed off my Middle Grade Novel that I have 12,000 words in already.  I could finish it! Hmm.
I don’t have any remodeling to do.
There’s no craft I’m itching to do right now.
Korean lessons.  (Check! They start in September.)

I’ve got nothing! Can you help me think of some ideas that can pass the time?  Something big.  Something that I could say, “I’d love Coralie to be coming home sooner, but it’s OK because I’m going to accomplish ————-“.


5 Responses to “Eight. Or is it Seven.”

  1. Wendi July 12, 2011 at 1:34 am #

    Yay!!!! I am so happy!! That is better than April!!! What a sweetie!!What about sewing or smocking?

  2. Jen July 12, 2011 at 1:35 am #

    Weeeeellll I have no idea what Smocking is, and I gave sewing a try 5 or so years ago. I like shopping on the clearance racks better. 😉

  3. Jen July 12, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    But look at your positive spirit, Wendi. That's nice. I'm a bit Eeyore right now. We need more Wendi around here.

  4. Anonymous July 12, 2011 at 2:23 am #

    She is beautiful girl! I already love her! and want to hug her to death! (not literally!)

  5. Jennifer July 14, 2011 at 2:44 pm #

    Have you heard of the 100 wish quilts? I think they sound really awesome!!!

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