Interesting Reflection on Dolls

10 Jul

I’ve been winning some pretty great Craigslist listings of girl toys – this weekend, polly pockets and barbies.  (Let’s be honest – adoption isn’t cheap! As much as I’d love to go to the store and buy litttle sweet miss a cart full of brand new toys, it’s not really happening.  And that’s OK!)

I got a big lot of Polly Pockets yesterday, which included 14 dolls and a huge amount of clothing/accessories/animals go with it.  Then today, I got a lot of like 40 dolls, almost 30 of them being barbies + horses and clothing.  eh, some of them have pretty ratty hair, but many are great and they were only like $1 a piece, so I’m not complaining.

One thing that I couldn’t help but realize when sorting through everything was that they are all (Polly Pockets included) white. Most have blond hair.  And it’s something that I didn’t really think about before.  We bought Coralie a little doll to send in her first care package and I debated sending a cute little doll that spoke many phrases in English (blond hair, blue eyes), thinking maybe she’d learn some phrases, but in the end, I thought sending a doll that looked more like her was a good first step for us.  She’s a little mother who loves to do hair etc, so we got her this one. (not really Asian looking…)

And as I looked through the dolls, I wondered, are there Asian barbie dolls?  There are. In the tune of $50. (Korean ChineseIndonesia)  But the amount of Asian dolls is limited. We’re going to have to be a little creative and look for these options, even if they cost a little bit more.  Oddly enough, from the families who have already traveled to Korea, I hear that the baby dolls in Korea are the typical blond hair, blue eyes dolls we have here.  So odd, right?

If you’re a China/Korea family who has some ideas of where I can find more dolls that are of Asian decent, leave them in the comments or email them to me, please! 🙂


3 Responses to “Interesting Reflection on Dolls”

  1. Cindy July 10, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

  2. Stephanie July 12, 2011 at 2:52 am #

    Snap and Style dolls…fisher price, I believe. We LOVE these! They have snap on clothes — much easier than Polly Pockets — which I'm sure my kids will love once they are older and can dress them. Linn is the Asian one. But they have different ethnicities. Check Toys-R-Us.

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