My brownie’s secret ingredient

7 Jun

Miles has been talking about dessert for the longest time.  “Mom, you neeeeeeever let me have dessert!”  Apparently Popsicles don’t count.  And I tell him that I never make dessert because after day one, I am the only one who eats it. (And eats it, and eats it.)  And these thighs don’t need any more desserts.

I can have a bowl full of candy on my desk all day and won’t be tempted.  But throw something cake-y or chocolately anywhere in my home and I’ll make a million excuses why it’s OK to just eat another…and another…and…well, you get it. (Slivers don’t count, do they? Or dry corners?)

After seeing the Nutella commercial a bunch of times, my kids were dying to try it.  But when I brought home the tub and they saw it, they wanted nothing to do with it. Miles, the dessert loving boy after my own heart took a tiny lick off a spoon and about spit it out of his mouth.  Crazy kid!  Logan wouldn’t even think about it after that. And because I’m not really sure what one does with Nutella, it has been sitting in my cupboard for a few months. (I am not seeing the yum-factor of Nutella on toast.)

A recipe for Nutella brownies was circling my facebook page last week and it only calls for three ingredients: Nutella (1/2 Cup), 1 egg and flour (5 Tablespoons). (And hazelnuts, if you’d like, for the top.)  While I was making supper last night, I thought, what the heck! Nutella brownies it is!  And I whipped them up and put them into a mini cupcake pan (makes 12) and into the oven in no time flat (350 – 10-11 minutes). 

Imagine Miles’ surprise to get fresh, warm, oooy-gooy brownies after dinner.

But, knowing that the main ingredient was nutella, I was so curious of what they were going to think of them.  I need not have feared. There were no complaints.

This is a PERFECT recipe for kids to help with. In fact, next time, I may let Logan make them all by himself.  Though, he’d know there was Nutella in them….hmm…

And I wanted to thank those who commented and left me emails or phone calls after my post of adoption thoughts.  It all makes so much sense.  I remember finding out I was pregnant with Logan only 4 months after getting married and thought, “Noo! Too soon!” But it was perfect timing. I remember sitting there with Logan, just 3 and looked at my very pregnant belly and thought, “Noo! I don’t want change! Life is SO good right now!”  And, again, it was perfect timing.  It’s hard to look at the unknown and embrace it, but I’m going to try my hardest to do so. 

Blessed by caring friends, I very much am…


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