15 May

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biometrics definition:
use of special input devices to analyze some physical parameter assumed to be unique to an individual, in order to confirm their identity as part of an
authentication procedure.

 We’re checking things off our list right and left right now and the latest is our biometrics appointment, aka: FBI fingerprint checks. 

Our appointment is in a couple of weeks, and from what I’m seeing, people are getting approved withing a couple of weeks after that.  We’re going to try to get in early, but there’s some debate if that really matters or not.

What this step is is the approval for us to BE adoptive parents.  In many countries, this is the ticket into the country to finalize the adoption.  But in South Korea, you’re not actually going there and adopting, you’re taking guardianship.  The adoption finalization happens 6 months after coming home.

In many countries, the next step would be going to the country and filing the formal papers, but because of the fact that Korea is different, we actually file the papers in the USA after we get a referral and they must be all done here before we travel.

Which doesn’t make a lick of difference now because we don’t have a referral, but we’re celebrating another box we can check.  We’re also celebrating joining the group of men and women who have lotioned up those hands for weeks in hopes of good fingerprints.  The men and women who treck to their state’s USCIS office to be fingerprinted.  

Cheers to the silly little celebrations that arise when a box can officially be checked.


2 Responses to “Biometrics”

  1. Grace May 15, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    Just came across your blog, wanted to stop and say HI and congrats on your new journey!

  2. Alison May 15, 2011 at 6:03 pm #

    Yay!!! One more box to check! 🙂

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