I600-A – Off and Running

27 Apr

After a little bump in the road (aka –  new job for Dave), our home study needed to be updated with new work info and we weren’t able to immediately send our home study and application for the initial child visa requirements right away.

But, we got the new home study in yesterday’s mail so this morning was full of filling out more forms, checking them about 15 times to make sure every line was filled out and every box checked.  This of course also entailed more checks being written, too.  BIG ones writing to Homeland security.

We also sent our letter and yes, again, payment to our home state to get our home study state approved, as well.  This form is called an I600-A.  It’s an ‘Application for Advance Processing of an Orphan Petition’.  We needed to include about 7 very important things in this envelope.

And the instructions said to write in green marker on the cover letter and envelope the word ‘Orphan’.  (I struggle with that word, a bit, and felt a bit silly handing the envelope to the postal worker. 
 And of course, she noticed it and brought it up in a whisper as to not draw attention to it.  How does one write the word ORPHAN in thick green marker without attention.  But hey, I’m a rule follower. (Well, I prefer to MAKE the rules, but I can follow them very well, too.)  After paying my $19 for express overnight shipping, I left feeling a whole lot lighter. (And had an amazing visit after over coffee with my wonderful friend and reference letter writing friend, Lori.)

Next steps? Fingerprinting.  Our I600-A will get there by tomorrow at noon.  Within the next couple of weeks (or less??? Positive thoughts, people) we’ll get a note with our appointment for FBI fingerprinting, and Dave and I will have to head to Milwaukee for that.  We’re crossing off all kinds of steps right now.

And the Monday update call put us at number 11 in the list for girls right now after 2 girl referrals came in last week, but I’m 99% positive that 3 of the people in front of us are in line for either boy or girl, and seeing boys wait is 0-3 months right now, maaaaaaybe they’ll get a boy referral first, so that puts us at like number 8. Sortof. THAT is good news.


One Response to “I600-A – Off and Running”

  1. Donna May 6, 2011 at 12:35 pm #

    This is so exciting! This is moving so fast! This is amazing! Jen, be sure both you and Dave really moisturize your hands. I've read several stories where the prints don't come out and they have to return for another visit!

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