Absolutely Perfect!

16 Apr

Did you know how many older kids are waiting for families?  I’m throwing this out there, because I believe that these kids need advocates and there is a little boy that has my heart.  I can’t stop thinking about him.

Here’s his description:

“He is considered a healthy boy who is outgoing and has a lot of friends. He enjoys going to school and his favorite subject is math. He does a great job in school and has received perfect scores in math, English, and language classes. His caregivers say that even though he is a little behind in school compared to his peers, it is only because he started school late and that he has an excellent memory. He says that he enjoys playing outdoors and that he is the fastest runner in his class. When he grows up, he says that he wants to be a boss so that he can have a lot of money and have other people work for him. He enjoys using the computer for typing and playing games and his favorite animals are cats, tigers, and elephants. He said that his least favorite thing is being told “no” when he wants to do something and when that happens or when he gets upset, he says that he ignores it and finds something else to do. He is tall for his age and he currently lives at the orphanage.”

He sounds EXACTLY like my Logan.  OK, maybe minus the ‘fastest runner in his class’.  😉  This kid sounds amazing and his only ‘special need’ is that he’s 9.  A wonderful, smart, focused, motivated 9 year old — just like my Logan — without a home, without a family.  And wait until you see his perfect smile.  I want to run to him in China and bring him home!

Could you consider this little man? Consider him in your life or consider telling your friends and family about him for them to consider. Pray for him.  He’s perfect and just needs a chance.  Imagine this little boy in school, getting good grades, heading outside to play kickball with the kids at recess, eating lunch with his friends, going to birthday parties, HAVING birthday parties.

Want more info? Email me!


One Response to “Absolutely Perfect!”

  1. Kathy & Laurel April 25, 2011 at 5:45 am #

    I would LOVE to have him – but no $$ to adopt.

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