Check. Check. Check.

24 Mar

Went back to get the readings of our TB tests. All negative. They just need to look at your arm to see if there is a big lump remaining.  Logan asked if we could get more donuts to celebrate passing! ha!

The surprising thing is that Dave has ZERO immunity of Hep. B and I’m only 50% immune, so add another 6 shots to the list of 10. We got our first today and have to go back in one month and 6 months for the 2nd and 3rd doses.

I think I read that 10% of children in Asia are Hep B carriers or Hep B positive, so seeing we’re traveling to Korea, it’s important to get immunized now before our trip.

We also had a 2 hr meeting with our social worker today and are officially licensed as foster parents. There are a few levels of foster parent licenses, and ours is strictly for adoption. We turned in a tree worth of forms that we filled out and now we’re down to just a few final steps before our home study is complete.

We have an online training program we have to complete, hopefully by Monday when our social worker comes out to do our final meeting/tour of our home. We have to get a few more things around the house ready for inspection and we still are hunting down a few juvenile records that have been erased but still need documentation of the ‘erasing’.  (Think that something you did when you were a teenager will never matter in your adult life? You’ve clearly never had a home study. šŸ˜‰  Any of my youth group girls reading this? Oy!)

My brain has officially turned to mush, yet I’m surprised at how well I’m keeping all of the papers, forms, contacts, appointments, etc… organized.  It’s a process that, if we can make shorter by our own organization, I’m happy to do all I can.  4 more days to hand it all over to our social worker, let her write our home study report, send it to the agency to approve and we’ll be able to sit back and get back to normal life a little bit more.

A few people have been asking about time frames.  I’ll explain that in another post.  As for now, my brain must rest.  Wish there was a control-alt-delete button for our bodies.


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